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What people say

You have made what started as a difficult year much easier with all your advice on being a (acting) head of department - Acting Head of Department RRCA July 2015

To Mr Longstaffe, If it wasn't for you I don't think I would be any close to a C! but you made me feel so confident. Massive thank you - Card from a Year 11 student RRCA June 2015 (She got a grade C)

This year you reminded me that I am a capable teacher - Teacher RRCA June 2015

Jonathan was brokered to the school by the Local Authority after a poor HMI monitoring visit with the Head of Maths off ill. The school was in desperate need of extra SLT capacity and an immediate impact with the next HMI monitoring visit imminent.  HMI noted the impact:

“The temporary senior leader has made good inroads to supporting and challenging the mathematics department and has had demonstrable success. Students say they like their mathematics lessons. In a similar way to other departments, teachers of mathematics are being held to account more robustly than previously.” HMI March 2014

As the Acting Headteacher I was able to turn my attention to other matters confident in the knowledge that issues in Maths were in safe hands. Four months on from an unsatisfactory HMI visit the school was deemed to be making satisfactory progress out of serious weaknesses. At the end of the year overall results and results in Maths showed a 100% improvement.

Acting Headteacher, Skerton Community High School August 2014

Thanks for your continued support and guidance, I really do appreciate it. Subject Leader Croesyceiliog School - July 2013

Croesyceiliog School GCSE mathematics results increased by 18.5% to 73.2% - August 2013

Torfaen LA results increased by 5.7% - August 2013

The academy has benefited from the support of an external to help develop teaching in mathematics. Furness Academy OfSTED Report May 2013 

GCSE 5A*- C English and mathematics raised by 11% to 46% - August 2013

Thanks Jonathan, Manchester East Academy were very pleased with the quality assurance work - July 2012


In relation to the year 11 intervention, Jonathan was able to help the department in preparing for the functional GCSE Maths exam in June. 
Jonathan was prominent in helping the second in department review and plan changes to the SOW throughout KS3 and 4.
Jonathan supported the department in strategic planning of student progress through development of Teaching and Learning strategies. He worked with specific teachers who we had highlighted as needing support. He demonstrated lessons and did team teaching with each one.
As part of his work with these teachers Jonathan also developed strategies for behaviour management and group work. Developing relationships with students was also a focal point, incorporating practical skills as appropriate.
The department welcomed Jonathan's friendly, challenging but non threatening approach. They found him very approachable and appreciated his discretion. He was at all times professional and his knowledge and experience was of great value.
I am sure that Jonathan's input has greatly helped the Maths department to make significant strides forward in improving the quality of Maths provision in the school. - Assistant Headteacher Knowsley Park Centre for Learning - May 2012



As a result of development work with the Mathematics Department at Hampton Academy these were OfSTED findings, April 2012:

Effective teaching had a number of characteristics that contributed to students making good and occasionally outstanding progress. Teachers’ expectations of work and behaviour were high and students were fully challenged and motivated to succeed. Well-structured planning underpinned these lessons, as starter activities and the main task built on students’ grasp of the work, allowing learning to flow well, as seen in, for example, mathematics. Practical approaches, including group work and feedback, were skilfully used to extend and meet the needs of all students and involve them in their learning. Learning was at its best when teachers asked questions to probe students’ understanding and assessment information on their attainment and progress was used to inform planning. - Hampton Academy Monitoring OfSTED visit, April 2012



"You have been extremely helpful since my appointment and I don't think I would have managed quite so well without your input." - Subject leader

Inspection evidence indicates that performance will continue to rise in 2011 and that students' progress has accelerated, particularly in mathematics. – School OfSTED Report, February 2011

"Thank you ever so much your for time and effort on Tuesday. I am so pleased with the data analysis  it just seems so straight forward now you've explained it and interpreted it." - Subject Leader

We completed our review of the service last week and I am pleased to report that we could see a significant difference in the teaching observed. Many thanks for your input to this and your continued support. - LA School Improvement Officer

Thanks Jonathan, your time and hard work have been appreciated.  I saw Ben today and he spoke very highly of you and said the book scrutiny session was the best training session/activity he has done and that he found working with you very useful.  I hope John is inspired in a similar way!  We will continue to work on the things you have identified. - Subject Leader

At a briefing for HOD (Eng, Ma and Sci) prior to the Ofsted visit at school, SLT asked the Head of Mathematics to mention to Ofsted Inspectors the valuable input that you made with them. - School SLT

Improvement in performance in mathematics has lagged behind that in English, but this is being addressed by improvements in leadership and also the quality of teaching in the subject. As a result progress in mathematics is improving. For example, in a good Year 8 mathematics lesson, students worked productively in groups and discussed the topic with enthusiasm. The teacher's good subject knowledge and skilful questioning ensured that all students made good progress. – School OfSTED Report, March 2011

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