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Subject Leader Development

Target Audience
  • Subject Leaders
  • Aspiring subject leaders
  • The subject leader is aware of the roles and responsibilities
  • Data is used to support departmental improvement
  • Scheme of learning demonstrates progression from Year 7 to GCSE
  • Assessing pupil progress is built into the scheme of learning
  • Pupil targets show a minimum of three levels of progress
  • Pupil progress is tracked and intervention provided when needed
  • Mathematical talk is part of the department ethos
Expected outcomes
  • Increased capacity of the subject leader to lead and support improvements in mathematics.
  • The subject leader is able to audit the department and complete a self evaluation
  • The subject leader is able to write a department improvement plan
  • Previous external results are used to analyse performance and focus areas for development
  • The department is able to accurately track pupil progress from Year 7 onwards based on three levels of progress and intervene if a pupil is below target at an earlier stage
  • Pupil targets are appropriately challenging
  • The need for intervention is identified earlier 
  • Pupil progress is accurately demonstrated and supported by informed constructive comment feedback from the teacher
  • Pupil engagement is improved as work is appropriately challenging for all abilities

Indicative support package timings

  • Data analysis and subsequent action plan - 1 day
  • Pupil tracking and target setting - 1 day
  • Modelling and coaching the development of a Scheme of Learning - 3 days